Top 21 Conference Swag Ideas in 2023

Tara C.
August 7, 2023
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    Conferences are a fantastic and critical marketing strategy for businesses to get themselves out there. From interesting tech products that inspire awe to customised sunglasses and fashionable hats for the summer season, there are a ton of practical choices you can make. If you're on the lookout for some innovative conference swag ideas to incorporate into your next event, keep reading as we bring you a featured list of the top 21 conference swag ideas for 2023.

    Best Conference Swag Ideas

    1. Virtual conference swag ideas

    A virtual conference allows participants to share the experience from the comfort of their homes and offices. Attendees can access virtual conference swag through links shared on the digital platform.Some digital swag items include:


    Free company PDF catalogues


    Access to online courses


    2. Tech conference swag ideas

    Giving out tech stuff at your conference is a sure way to leave a great lasting impression. There is a range of tech products that are not so expensive. Here are some examples:


    Bluetooth speakers

    Power banks

    Wireless mouse for laptops

    Phone stands

    3. Conference swag ideas on wellness

    This swag idea is perfect for conferences in the healthcare and fitness industry. They could also be incorporated at any event because they promote a healthy lifestyle. Some conference swag ideas on wellness include:


    Relaxation candles

    Yoga mats or blocks

    Stress balls

    Wellness guides

    4. Branded clothing

    One of the most common types of conference swag is clothing. You should research your target demographic to know what type of clothing they love best. Here are some examples:


    Baseball caps




    5. Conference swag ideas for bags

    Bags are a fairly common swag item at conferences. However, it's necessary to choose bags that meet the specific needs of the majority of your attendees. Some include:


    Tote bags

    Travelling backpacks

    Laptop bags

    Toiletry bags

    6. Eco-friendly conference swag ideas

    Picking the perfect eco-friendly conference swag will leave a positive impression on your environmentally-conscious attendees. Below are examples of some eco-friendly swag:


    Biodegradable pens

    Eco-friendly coffee tumblers

    Organic shopping bags

    Beanies made from organic cotton

    7. Drinkware conference swag ideas

    Giving out drinkware is a clever way to keep your business visible because the attendees will always make use of it. Here are a few examples:



    Water bottles


    8. Stationery swag ideas

    Stationery is useful during a conference because everyone present will need it. Here are a few examples:





    9. Conference swag ideas for toiletries

    These items are some of the most useful promotional gifts during a conference. They are essential during the event and after. They include:


    Box of flushable wipes

    Lip balms

    Hand lotions

    Branded soaps

    10. Conference swag ideas for travellers

    Travel essentials are a thoughtful gift idea for participants in your conference. It's essential topick items that will remain useful after the trip back home. Here are some examples:


    Noise-cancelling earphones/headphones

    Neoprene can holders

    Toiletry bags

    Sleep masks

    11. Summer conference swag ideas

    The summer season is a great time to promote the visibility of your business.Summer swags will usually be worn while your attendees are out and about. Some fancy summer swag ideas include:


    Flip flops

    Branded sunscreen packets

    Sun hats

    12. Conference swag happy-hour ideas

    Happy-hour freebies are a great way to excite your participants by creating an atmosphere of fun. Some happy-hour swag itemsinclude:

    Cocktail shakers

    Wine openers

    Wine set 

    13. Sporting conference swag ideas

    Having some sporty swag is a plus for sports lovers. There are several choices to make when picking the perfect one, but research what type of sports your attendees are into. Examples include:


    High-end polo shirts for golfers

    Yoga mats & leggings

    High-intensity jump ropes

    Branded sports towels

    14. Snacks

    During long conferences, participants may get hungry. Having snacks that come in branded packs are a lovely treat. Some cool snacks are:




    Chewing gums


    15. Game conference swag ideas

    We all love to keep busy to avoid boredom, especially during breaks. Games are nice conference swag to give your conference attendees. Some examples include:


    Branded deck of cards

    Woodblock tower games

    Branded Scrabble game sets

    16. Luxury conference swag ideas

    Sometimes, the participants in your conference are economically above-average. Picking nice conference swags for your sophisticated attendees may just win you more leads. Here are some examples toexplore:


    Jack wolfskin daypacks

    Patagonia insulated vests

    Apple AirPods

    17. Budget-friendly conference swag ideas

    There are some conference swag ideas you can explore if you want to avoid breaking the bank. These items may be cheap, but they will promote your brand. Here are some examples:


    Reusable stretchable straws

    Jotter pens

    Customised logo stickers


    18. Conference swag ideas for the home

    If you want your brand or business to remain in the minds of your attendees for a very long time, try out our conference swag ideas for the home. These gifts are practical, cheap, and will always be useful. They include:


    Kitchen utensils set

    Cutlery sets

    Chopping boards

    19. Utility conference swag ideas

    Cooling off from work is something everyone looks forward to. Utility items can come in handy and are a good idea for your conference swag. Some examples include:


    Gift cards

    Event tickets


    20. Conference swag ideas for children

    You may not have children present, but it's a good idea to incorporate gift items for your attendees to take home. Here are some examples:


    Branded toys

    Cartoon character t-shirts

    Box of chocolates

    21. Follow-up conference swag ideas

    Appreciation always goes a long way toward leaving an impression on your attendees. After a successful conference, be sure to include some of these swag ideas:


    Thank you notes

    Product demos

    Recordings of the event

    FAQ About Conference Swag Ideas

    What are the best goodies for conferences?

    Some of the best goodies to wow your attendees with include cookies, chocolates, candy, some chewing gum, mints, and even popcorn. Ensuring that your conference remains memorable can sometimes be a lot more than giving out nice treats. It's also a nice idea to mix up your goodies with souvenirs.

    What is conference swag?

    Conference swag is a promotional gift given to the attendees of a conference. They could be anything from items that are useful during the event, e.g., pens and notepads, to items that the attendees will find useful after the event, e.g., t-shirts and travel bags. It's essential to brand these promotional gifts to get maximum brand visibility for your business.

    What is an example of swag?

    Examples of swag include notepads, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs, headsets, tumblers, water bottles, etc. Swag choices can be made depending on your budget, target demographic, industry, and company objectives. For conference organisers, there are lots of items to choose from for your swag.

    What swag items do people actually want?

    People are most interested in swag that they consider useful. Some of these include wireless chargers, bluetooth speakers, backpacks, customised headphones, power banks, custom jackets and hoodies, etc.As a rule of thumb, though, it's essential to do some extensive research to be aware of the specific needs of your attendees.



    Exploring some of our unique conference swag ideas in your next event can improve your visibility. One critical aspect of promoting your brand is remaining visible. Please ensure you're creative in your selection and customise your swag with your brand name to get the best returns on your investment.

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