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Here are some of the top questions we get asked all of the time but if it’s not covered here, please reach out to our team. We love helping!

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General Questions

What size and format of logos should I upload?
How do I know selected items will fit in my pack?
How much does the platform cost?
Do I have to ship packs or can I send individual items?
Who designs the items?

Orders & Shipping

What is the minimum amount to order?
How long until I get my swag order delivered?
Can I ship internationally?
Can I ship in bulk to a list of addresses I have?
How do I track my shipments?


Do you charge for warehouse storage?
If I store with Swag Hut can I only  ship via the portal?
Can I send products to you to store and ship or add to a pack?
How do I keep track of my inventory?
Where are your warehouses located?

Our Swag

Do you sell sustainable and eco products?
Can you source products for a tight deadline?
Can I order different sizes of clothing?
I need to order less than 100 packs or items, is this possible?
Can I order swag in higher volumes?
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