Your swag journey is simple
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This is free

  • Swag Management Platform

    Your own free platform to manage inventory and shipping globally!

  • Visual Presentation

    We’ll send you a visual presentation of selected items.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    We'll assign a swag expert to assist you.

  • Pre-Order Forms

    We'll create pre-order forms to gather sizing and other info.

  • Production Management

    Our expert production team make sure all items arrive on time.

  • Quality Control

    We'll carefully inspect all items to ensure top quality.

This is paid

  • Merchandise

    You pay up front for the items you order, including production and branding.

  • Shipping

    No matter if you're shipping in bulk or via our platform, all shipping costs and duties are paid by you.

This is optional

  • Kitting

    Amazing unboxing experiences start with our 'packed with love' kitting.

  • Storage

    We’ll give you 2 weeks free storage, after that long term storage options are available.

  • Branded Redeem / Claim Pages

    We can customise the email template and page to match your brand.

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Disclaimer: Due to various factors, including logistical challenges and regulatory constraints beyond our control it may not be possible to provide shipping to certain countries.
Estimates are based on shipping a F62 sized box.

Storage Costs

Hassle-free storage in our warehouses.

Swag Hut
3rd Party
Small Item
Pens, Wallets, Stickers, etc.
Medium Item
Notepads, Bottles, Tumblers, etc.
Large Item
Jackets, Rucksacks, Clothing, etc.
Standard Pack
Any size Swag Pack or Swag Bag
We charge a simple one-time flat fee for warehousing Swag. For this fee we warehouse your products for up to 1 year.
Effortless swag management
Enjoy effortless swag management, all in one place. We'll show you how.

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