The Importance Of Company Swag For Building Positive Culture 

Patrick C.
August 24, 2023
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    Creating a friendly and welcoming workplace is essential for attracting top talent in today's competitive labor market. These days, company swag can help you create a positive culture much faster. Company swag refers to the free branded products that an organization gives out to its staff and customers.   

    These promotional tools are often imprinted with the business logo or brand name. They include t-shirts, pens, water bottles, notebooks, etc.

    Company swag goes beyond simple commercial marketing; it actively supports the development of a healthy and robust organizational culture.

    These concrete expressions of gratitude help people feel appreciated and connected, strengthening the idea that they are crucial contributors to the organization. This article will delve into the significance of company swag in building a positive culture.

    We’ll explore how it does the following:  

    • Improves employee loyalty 
    • Creates a welcoming environment 
    • Celebrates employees’ lives and cultures 
    • Increases workplace happiness 
    • Fosters unity among teams 
    • Reminds staff of company values 
    • Celebrates company milestones 

    Let's dive in. 

    Improves Employee Loyalty 

    a cup of coffee

    High-quality company swag serves various functions that go beyond those related to customer interactions. It also helps to solidify the steadfast allegiance of employees to your company.  You can show your employees that you sincerely value their contributions and devotion by giving them swag. This action not only shows appreciation for their efforts but also makes them feel important. As a result, they are inspired to increase their performance and productivity, strengthening their relationship with you and the company.  LinkedIn highlights the importance of creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels like they belong. Such an environment turns out to be the key to keeping employees. When professionals feel like they belong, they are more likely to stay in their positions for a long time—over five years. Additionally, workers who get company swag have the potential to become powerful brand advocates. They unintentionally raise the visibility and familiarity of your brand by using the swag in their regular activities. 

    Creates a Welcoming Environment 

    a rug with the witten "Welcome on Board"

    A new employee's integration and sense of belonging to the group depend on how warmly they are welcomed. According to research, people often experience belonging confusion in the first few months after joining a new organization or team.  Thoughtful company swag may play a huge part in addressing this uncertainty and fostering a welcoming culture. Think of how an employee will feel on their first day of work after receiving an onboarding package that has been thoughtfully created for them.  A welcome package may include a work-based laptop, a hardcover notebook with a stylus pen, a building key, and a staff manual. Including exciting stuff like water bottles, stickers, or t-shirts helps boost enthusiasm and show off the company's personality.  Notable internet companies that have adopted the practice of giving gift bags to new hires include Twitter and LinkedIn. Their method illustrates how promotional items are used as a strategic instrument throughout the talent acquisition process, not only as a token of appreciation for new hires. 

    Spending time and money on well-considered company swag during onboarding and talent acquisition is great for your internal and external image. It shows that your business believes in fostering an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. 

    Celebrates Employees’ Lives and Cultures 

    red and green balloons

    Giving out company swag to employees is a great way to show your thanks and care for them. Even though these are only trinkets, they help employees feel appreciated because of the thought and symbolism behind the swag. A great example would be to celebrate Pride Month with rainbow-themed pens, mugs, fans, and bags.  Use swag to show the company’s stance on inclusivity and diversity. However, much care must be taken when choosing promotional items.  

    Putting your company brand on the cheapest items on the market may give the wrong impression to your employees about how much you value them.

    Be sure to choose high-quality, affordable stuff instead, which shows you care about their experience.  

    Increases Workplace Happiness 

    a worker

    Employees love free swag, especially if it has some value. They will appreciate getting items they can use at work and at home.  The better the atmosphere in the workplace, the more positive the culture. You need to show your staff that their co-workers are like family to improve their happiness. Shared swag is a big step towards achieving that.  

    A study has shown that turnover rates are substantially lower (at 13.9%) in organizations with a favorable corporate culture compared to the 48.4% seen in companies without such a culture.

    This exemplifies the significance of promoting a diverse and welcoming business culture. Company swag contributes to establishing togetherness and cohesiveness among employees. 

    Fosters Unity Among Teams 

    a team of workers

    In large companies or those with a distributed workforce, company swag may be vital to bringing employees closer together. In such organizations, many workers feel unappreciated and unnoticed.   However, supplying swag during team meetings or retreats can make a big difference. The products can:  

    • Boost morale 
    • Foster some pride in their job 
    • Strengthen workplace friendships 

     Palantir, a technology firm with locations worldwide, makes excellent use of swag in this scenario. They share T-shirts, jackets, and pins. This seems simple, but it has helped them foster a positive workplace culture. Their strategy not only helps teams work better together but also helps them feel more committed to their projects and their common goals.  

    Reminds Staff of Company Values 

    Company Values

    Maintaining employee engagement and achieving corporate success depends on their shared commitment to the company's values. Disengagement and a drop in productivity might result when workers don't feel they can relate to or support the organization's ideals.  Strategic use of swag can help emphasize this link to the larger objective. Companies may routinely and visibly remind employees of the company's essential ideas by printing slogans or thoughts on products like t-shirts, sweaters, notebooks, and coffee pens.  Never underestimate the power of a carefully placed, subtle message. Every time an employee uses one of their swag items, they are reminded of the company's shared values and goals.  Sports teams frequently use this tactic.

    The Cleveland Cavaliers, for instance, sew "All For One" on the inside of their jersey sleeves as a secret rallying cry. Every time they put on their jerseys, the slogan inspires pride and keeps the athletes focused on the task at hand.  

    To the same extent, in the business realm, swag items with essential messages or ideals may act as daily reminders for employees. Hence, they strengthen their connection to the organization's goal and create a sense of togetherness.  

    Celebrates Company Milestones 


    The accomplishments of a company are directly proportional to the effort and commitment of its employees. Therefore, personalized swag is an excellent way to get employees involved in the celebration. When a company succeeds, the workers want to feel like they had a part in that, because they do. Provide them with something that will constantly remind them of their success.   The success of this technique, however, hinges on the care with which personalized gifts for workers are chosen.   Branding a high-quality sweatshirt that will last for years is one way to show your employees how much you value them and appreciate their hard work. Choosing high-quality swag shows that you care about presenting your employees with memories that will last and are important to them.    

    Developing a robust and healthy business culture does not require years of planning or throwing large parties. Treat your staff with respect, provide a conducive environment, and distribute custom swag.

    Your efforts can play a vital role in the process. When used in a thoughtful and planned manner, high-quality swag may have an influence on your brand that can even exceed your initial expectations. It is worthwhile to create a small budget for company swag if you are serious about promoting a healthy environment inside your organization. 

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