15 Promotional Gifts Your Customers Will Love in 2023 

Elizabeth G.
August 18, 2023
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    Did you know that one of the best ways to establish a great impression and create lasting business contacts is to give promotional items to customers?

    This strategy can be crucial to success.

    Promotional items, sometimes called swag or freebies, are tangible items that are given away with a company's brand or message in the hopes of attracting new consumers. These may help businesses of all sizes in a variety of ways.

    We spent several weeks interacting with dozens of business owners who actively give such items to customers and clients. Our research yielded some interesting results, which we’re happy to share.  In this article, we will discuss many unique promotional items to give customers. They will pique the interest of and thrill your target audience. 

    What Makes a Great Promotional Gift Good for the image of your company  

    All customers, new and old, will have a more favourable impression of your business if you provide them with quality, branded corporate gifts.

    Buying high-quality, well-functioning products is essential if the intended gift is for long-term use and storage. 

    Create stronger and more lasting bonds with your customers 

    If you want to make a lasting impression on your consumers, you need to make a point of connecting with them on a deep level. Indeed, that is the primary function of advertising materials.

    After all, presents are always appreciated, and giving one from a favourite company may cement the recipient's opinion of that business.  

    According to research, it turns out that 57% of consumers have retained promotional items for more than five years.

    This shows that promotional items may do wonders for our relationships with our customers. 

    Helpful to the intended audience 

    The practicality of a promotional item is essential to its success. A product's usefulness determines whether or not its intended consumers will purchase it, use it often, and perhaps even maintain it for a long time. Consider things like writing utensils, technological gadgets, and kitchenware that have an obvious and immediate application.  

    15 Best Promotional Items to Give Customers 

    Self-care Kit 

    Have you ever thought that your customers might enjoy a token of your gratitude? Then go ahead and get the kind of products that show you care. Providing customers with care packages has several benefits, including improved emotional and physical well-being, increased employee engagement, and a better work-life balance. Examples of such items include:  

    Personalized Drinkware 

    The ideal corporate gift to give customers is custom drinkware since it is both entertaining and useful. Drinkware is a high-end present that will be remembered for a long time. Because it's something everyone uses often, it also helps your marketing efforts. Some examples of drinkware are:   

    Customised Tech Items 

    In this day and age, consumers are constantly interested in the newest technological devices. Not only do these products highlight the innovative nature of your company, but they also appeal to the lifestyles of tech-savvy customers. Consider giving items like:  

    Travel kits 

    Branded travel accessories are the perfect present for anyone on your list who frequently travels. They will appreciate that you took the time to learn about their passions and provide them with something useful. When people you've gifted take your product on the road, they'll be advertising your firm to everyone they meet. Examples of this are:  

    • Luggage Lock 
    • Eco-friendly Travel Pouch 
    • Travel Umbrella with Case 


    Given the intense heat and rain that characterise your region, umbrellas are excellent gifts. Just like any other promotional item, they are intended to be distributed. 85% of consumers globally recall the brand that gave them a promotional item. Make a list of your most loyal customers and provide them with branded umbrellas. 

    Branded Bags 

    The use of bags is widespread. People often take the same bags with them to the store, to the office, and on other outings. All of these things help establish trust and loyalty to the brand over time. Among the most practical additions to promotional bags are:  

    Branded Stationery Sets 

    When choosing promotional items, a branded pen set may be appealing. This doesn't draw many people in. Instead, create a stationery package with the best advertising items:  

     Creative custom stickers 

    Custom stickers make great gifts since they can be customised, used in many ways, and last a long time. Custom stickers allow you to stand out in a crowded market, which is crucial for attracting customers and making money. 

    Promotional Homeware 

    Promoting your business while people are out is fantastic, but what about while they're at home relaxing? Smart corporations can transform sofa time into marketing exposure. Premium branded household goods like these top promotional items are the answer:  

     Eco-Friendly Items 

    Promotional items that are good for the environment tend to be quite popular. You may give them out at any time of the year. Choosing the right product is essential. 72% of consumers think a company's reputation depends on its promotional items. Give your audience the impression that you care about the environment by creating some eco-friendly swag. Popular options can include:  

    • Bamboo toothbrushes 

     Audio Products 

    Audio gadgets with your brand on them will be just as popular as branded tech swag. Most people have an appreciation for music, even if their tastes vary; therefore, any strategy that increases that appreciation is worthwhile. It's possible to distribute branded:  

    Branded Clothing 

    Promotional clothing and other wearables are great. Giving someone something they want, like high-quality clothing, will make them remember your brand. Coats and jackets get 6,100 more impressions than any other category. For optimum visibility, print your brand on trendy, useful clothing like:  

     Fitness Products 

     Most people take precautions to protect their bodies, such as avoiding infectious diseases and insects. Promotional items that focus on health, wellness, and fitness are sure-fire hits with your target audience. Possible examples include:  

    • Armband phone holders 

    Promotional Food and Drink 

    Food and drink are versatile promotional items to give customers. If you're a food company, your customers would adore a personalised hamper with your great products. It's ideal for year-round company products or holiday-themed contest prizes like:  

    • Valentine’s Day chocolates 
    • Festive Christmas hampers 
    • Spooky Halloween treats 

    Desk Toys 

    Despite the rise of remote work, many workers love employing unique desk toys. They boost productivity, concentration, and relaxation. These quirky workplace knickknacks would look wonderful branded with your company's brand and delivered to customers:  

    • Stress balls 
    • Infinity cubes 
    • Fidget Spinners 
    • Rubix cubes 


    Choose promotional items to give customers based on audience, practicality, brand, and quality. Knowing your consumers' likes will help you choose products. Practical items that improve their everyday lives are appreciated and used. Make sure your presents match your brand's message.   Finally, buy high-quality products to demonstrate your dedication. These tips can help you pick promotional items that make a great impression on customers. 

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