How to make your virtual race more engaging

Laura M.
November 23, 2021
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    How to make your employee virtual race more engaging

    Last week the SwagHut team participated in Run in the Dark, running separately while connecting digitally across 5 continents. This global movement lit up the night as people hit the road to run in the dark for the Mark Pollock Trust to fundraise for Collaborative Cures to help cure paralysis in our lifetime. It was a great employee wellness initiative to take part in, and it got us thinking about all the ways businesses can promote employee wellness for remote employees.

    Nothing determines business success (or failure) more than workplace culture. This is especially true with employee health and wellbeing. Employee wellness is more than just a buzzword, employee wellness is an essential component to a productive, healthy team. In fact, studies show that among employers offering effective wellness programs, more than half saw a decrease in absenteeism and 66% reported increased productivity. That’s huge.

    The key to having a successful wellness program is to promote overall wellbeing while still keeping it fun. Virtual races are an excellent option for those who want to stay fit, be active all year round, and run for a good cause. But in the world of hybrid / remote workplaces, what’s the best way to promote your virtual race outside of the office? High-quality swag and swag packs are a great solution to the distance challenge presented by the pandemic. Custom goodies provide a tangible connection to a virtual event that will help people feel more connected.

    Checkout some of the best swag to use when promoting your next virtual race.

    Running Gear & Accessories

    As runners will be running alone, it is the perfect opportunity to send them something to help them along.

    Offer prizes

    - Customised socks

    - Nike performance cap

    - Pop socket

    Remote work can be lonely, disengaged, unproductive; or the complete opposite. Virtual team-building, such as organising a virtual run for charity, has the power to make remote teams feel as tight-knit as on-site teams. Organizations that invest in virtual team-building have employees that are more creative, communicative, and productive and that should be a goal for every business.

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