‍15 Best Company Swag Ideas in 2023

Ger C.
August 1, 2023
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    You can never overestimate the impact that company swag can have on a business. These promotional and branded items build brand awareness and a sense of community among staff members and customers.  

    Clothing, accessories, stationery, and electronic gadgets are just a few examples of product categories that frequently have the company's emblem or catchphrase imprinted on them.

    So, we know that company swag works. But you have to be careful. Choosing the wrong item to give out can backfire. That is why you need to have a deep reservoir of swag ideas to use at your next event.

    In this post, we’ll examine 15 ideas to help you choose the best swag for companies. They will successfully market your brand and raise staff morale.

    Wellness and Fitness Swag

    Wellness and fitness swags work because they promote a healthy lifestyle and show a company's commitment to employee well-being. This category can include branded water bottles, fitness trackers, yoga mats, and stress-relief items like stress balls or essential oil diffusers. This swag idea encourages employees to prioritise their health and fosters a positive work environment.

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    Phone Accessories Swag

    This swag for companies is practical and relevant in today's digital age. It includes branded phone cases, pop sockets, wireless chargers, phone stands, car mounts, and portable power banks. Providing these accessories shows the company's understanding of employees' technological needs and improves productivity.

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    Eco-Friendly Swag

    Eco-friendly swag is an excellent idea as it promotes sustainability and demonstrates the company's environmental commitment.

    Items in this category can include reusable water bottles, tote bags made from recycled materials, solar-powered chargers, or eco-friendly notebooks.  

    Buffer used stationery, stickers, and apparel in their swag packs. To boost engagement, they conducted social media contests where their swag served as prizes for shares and likes on Instagram, using unique hashtags.  

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    Custom Hoodies and Jackets

    These are practical and fashionable swag items that promote brand awareness and create a sense of unity. As personalised clothing items, recipients can wear them in various settings and feature the company logo or individual names.

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    Custom Blankets for Cuddling Up

    Custom blankets provide a cosy, heartwarming gift option, demonstrating appreciation and care. These soft items can be customised with the company logo or colours and make excellent gifts for holidays or employee recognition programs.

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    Travel Swag

    Travel swag is a practical and versatile category of company swag that enhances the travel experience while promoting the brand. It includes custom luggage tags, travel adapters, and passport holders, making travel more convenient and showcasing the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

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    Custom Drinkware

    Custom drinkware, such as water bottles and coffee mugs, is functional and reusable, promoting sustainability while keeping employees and clients hydrated. These items can feature the company logo or individual names.  

    Smash Mallow collaborated with various brands to create an appealing company swag kit with custom drinkware. This giveaway campaign gained additional traction through social media engagement, with entries requiring likes and shares.

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    Custom Hats and Custom T-Shirts

    Custom hats and t-shirts are versatile swag items that serve as walking billboards for the company's brand. They create a sense of pride and unity and can be customised with the company logo or unique designs.  

    Tesla, known for its high-tech products and innovative marketing, utilises company swag to promote its brand. Customers who purchase a Tesla car receive t-shirts, hats, and other swag items as part of their experience.

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    Work From Home Accessories

    Work-from-home accessories, like laptop stands and ergonomic keyboards, support remote workers' well-being and productivity. These items enhance the home office setup and reinforce the company's commitment to a flexible work environment.

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    Useful Office Supplies

    Proper office supplies, including pens, notebooks, and desk organisers, are practical tools that foster productivity and create a professional atmosphere. Customising these items with the company logo reinforces brand recognition.

    Arcondis Group opted for a stylish black backpack, high-quality notebook, and silver pen for their swag packs. These items showcase the brand without feeling like typical freebies.

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    Swag Bundles or Gift Sets

    Swag bundles or gift sets are curated collections of company swag items that provide a comprehensive and memorable swag experience. These thoughtfully packaged sets can include various items, such as custom water bottles, notebooks, pens, and tech gadgets. By offering swag bundles or gift sets, companies create a cohesive and versatile swag solution that showcases their attention to detail and commitment to quality.

    Evernote, recognised for its note-taking app, employs company swag to enhance brand visibility during events, giveaways, and conferences using gift sets.

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    Useful Everyday Swag

    This swag for companies consists of practical items integrated into recipients' daily lives while promoting the company's brand. Examples include custom pens, keychains, phone chargers, reusable bags, and stress balls. These items enhance everyday experiences and demonstrate the company's commitment to practical solutions.

    Starbucks, renowned for its coffee and inviting ambience, leverages company swag to reinforce its brand image. By distributing t-shirts, mugs, and other branded items, Starbucks cultivates a sense of community and belonging among its customers while promoting its brand to potential new customers.

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    Remote Employee Swag Kits

    Remote employee swag kits are customised packages sent to remote workers' homes, creating a sense of inclusion and appreciation. These kits include branded items like apparel, tech gadgets, and office supplies, showcasing the company's support and fostering a positive work-from-home experience.

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    Custom Headphones and Custom Earbuds

    These accessories combine functionality and style, allowing recipients to enjoy music or calls while representing the company. These trendy accessories can be branded with the company logo.

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    Custom Bluetooth Speakers

    Custom Bluetooth speakers are portable swag items that provide a personalised audio experience while promoting the company's brand. They offer functionality and versatility and are a constant reminder of the company's identity.

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    Company swag is a powerful tool for promoting brand awareness and fostering positive connections. Swag offers a tangible representation of a company's values and commitment to quality, from practical everyday items to trendy accessories.  

    Whether distributed at events, through social media contests, or as part of employee onboarding, the well-designed and thoughtful swag has the potential to leave a lasting impact. Select two or three of the ideas we mentioned and start designing!

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