5 Reasons to use eco-friendly packaging

Laura M.
September 23, 2021
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    5 Reasons to use eco-friendly packaging

    Now more than ever, consumers are concerned with supporting ethical businesses with environmentally conscious practices. They are growing increasingly aware of what they consume, the waste they create, and the businesses that are aligned with their ethos.

    Is your business using eco-friendly packaging? If not, here are a few reasons you should make the switch.

    Reduce your company’s carbon footprint

    By using eco-friendly packaging materials, you can reduce your company’s impact on the environment. It’s better for the environment because it requires fewer resources to produce and is made from recycled material.

    Ease of disposal

    Packaging materials make up the majority of the thrash that ends up in landfills. When you use eco-friendly containers for shipping, you make it easier for your consumers to get rid of all those packages. Compostable and recyclable containers are much easier to dispose of, and even when they do end up in landfills, they’ll break down much faster than their non-compostable, non-biodegradable counterparts.

    Lowers shipping costs

    In addition to using recycled and biodegradable materials, eco-friendly packaging supplies are designed with minimalism in mind. While they still provide effective protection for the items contained within, they are designed to be less bulky and require less overall material. This makes them weigh less and take up less space. Packages that weigh less are, of course, more affordable to ship.

    Improved Brand Image

    Eco-friendly packaging creates a good impression of your company as this displays that you care about the environment. A recent study discovered that 78% of customers between the ages of 18-72 felt more positive about a product whose packaging was made up of recycled items.

    It’s now more important than ever to reduce impact on the environment. Switching to eco-friendly packaging is an easy and cost-effective way to lower your carbon footprint.

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