Affordable Swag Ideas for Non-Profit Organisations

Brenda B.
August 21, 2023
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    Many non-profit organisations make it a duty to provide solutions to specific issues. There are times, however, when the general public may be unaware of these issues, probably because they've never heard of them.

    For companies like the Environmental Defense Fund, exploring swag ideas for non-profit purposes can be advantageous in generating awareness around the issues they consider most important.  

    One major challenge faced by several non-profit organisations is fundraising. Running companies like these depend a lot on the goodwill of individuals. It's therefore essential to consider using affordable promotional items to gain public support. Here, we'll explore 15 of the most affordable swag ideas for non-profit organisations. 

    Custom Bags 

    Branded bags are affordable promotional items that are useful in everyday life. Giving these out to your volunteers or participants during events can inadvertently help bring exposure to your non-profit organisation. People will always carry these bags with them as they move about, and by doing this, you have successfully put your organisation in the hearts of those who see these bags. Some examples of bags you can use are: 

    Custom Clothing 

    You can't go wrong with clothing items as an affordable swag idea for non-profit organisations. People love to have a new piece of clothing, even if they already own a thousand of them. Try giving out some of the types of clothing in the list below during fundraisers, and you'll see how well your organisation gets more exposure every time someone wears that outfit: 

    Branded Stationery 

    As common as this idea seems, it remains a favoured way to gain exposure for your non-profit organisation. These items are essential during the event and continue to be useful afterwards because most people won't throw away a nice-looking branded notebook. Here are some stationeries you can use: 

    • Folders and binders 


    These items can be essential in everyday life. Not only do they help your organisation gain visibility, they will also help people stay hydrated as they go about their daily lives. You could customise your drinkware with the logo of your non-profit organisation to make it unique. Here are a few affordable choices: 

    Fidget Toys 

    You might be wondering, “Aren't toys only for kids?” The answer is yes and no. You may have kids at your fundraising event that will appreciate these toys, but there are also varieties for adults. Fidget toys are usually colourful and are especially great at drawing attention to themselves, which is what you want to achieve for your non-profit organisation. Here are a few fidget toys to turn into non-profit swag: 

    • Pop-its 
    • Fidget spinners 
    • Stress balls 

    Promotional Bracelets 

    These promotional items are subtle and can be worn for extended periods. The positive side to this is that having the logo or message of your non-profit organisation printed on them means that the wearer is doing your marketing for you. Make sure to choose bracelets/wristbands in several colours to make them attractive. 

    Sports Accessories 

    Sports accessories are essential for people who regularly work out and exercise. They're nice swag for non-profit organisations. As usual, customise these affordable items with your logo, and you can be sure that people will want to know what your organisation is about. Here are a few examples of sporting items: 

    Tech products 

    Several affordable tech products can be valuable swag ideas for non-profit organisations. These items are not only cheap, but they will leave your volunteers and financial contributors in awe. Most importantly, they will also make your organisation known to anyone who comes across them. Here are some excellent picks for you: 

    Custom Lanyards 

    Lanyards are an essential item at most events. If you can customise these cheap items and make them attractive enough, you can expect people to keep them around for a long time. Custom lanyards can hold car keys, name tags and are a nice swag idea for your non-profit organisation. 


    When we mention cosmetics, we don't mean creams – people usually have brands they already get theirs from. With some of our picks below, you can be sure that anyone you give them to will use them or pass them on to people who find them useful. In the end, your non-profit gets noticed. Here are some items: 

    • Lip balms 
    • Hand sanitisers 

    Swag ideas for the nerdy 

    A group of avid book readers may be part of your audience. You can explore several options for these book lovers by giving them items they will always carry wherever they go. Ensure you customise these items to give some exposure to your organisation. Some of these items include: 

    • Book jackets 

    Snack Swag Ideas 

    Everyone loves to munch on something tasty. A great way to build goodwill for your non-profit organisation is by giving out snacks in branded packs. There's no better way to entice people into supporting your cause than to satisfy their stomach cravings. Some examples of snacks include: 

    • Chocolate boxes 
    • Granola bars 
    • Mints & candies  
    • Juice boxes 

    Gardening Ideas 

    Whether or not your non-profit organisation supports an environmental cause, giving out swag that takes care of the environment is a great idea. Though not everyone will use these items, be rest assured that they will keep them. Some examples are: 

    • Gardening gloves 
    • Plastic starter planting pots 
    • Seed packets 

    Swag Ideas on Health & Wellness 

    When exploring a range of swag ideas for non-profit organisations, it is essential to consider giving something that caters to health & mental wellness. These items are a thoughtful and generous way to expose your organisation to people who see them. Some examples include: 

    Collectable Items 

    Elevating your fundraising strategy means you have to be innovative. Collectibles may be hard to define, but you can choose them based on the nature of the message/cause that your non-profit organisation supports. There are several fancy choices to make, but to make it smoother, ensure you explain to your swag supplier that you need something special.  Regardless of the issue your non-profit organisation has chosen to address, it's essential to have a great strategy to ensure that the public is aware of and interested in your message. And if the message alone won't get them involved, then win them over by incorporating some of these swag ideas for non-profit organisations listed above. 

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