Redeem Pages Take The Headache Out Of Large-Scale Gifting

Patrick C.
January 12, 2023
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    Ensure your swag reaches your customers wherever they are. With our Redeem Pages, your recipients can confirm, change, or enter their addresses before you send them anything. 

    Let us set the scene…

    It’s Monday morning, 9:30 a.m. to be precise, and your boss walks to your desk. You find it a little odd as he is usually in meetings at this time of the morning. As he approaches you, and you perk yourself up in your chair, you can see he looks a little flustered. He proclaims that the business is approaching its 10th anniversary in six weeks’ time. It has crept up so quickly and he cannot believe he has forgotten about the milestone. He suddenly tasks you with organizing celebratory gifts for all employees (227 to be exact) and clients. That’s a whole lot of gifts and a mountain of admin work! As he walks away, you look around the office in despair. How will you get this completed in the next six weeks on top of your current workload? What a nightmare, you think to yourself!

    At Swag Hut, we understand the pain of a task as big as this. It involves you emailing about 300 people asking them if they would like the gift, if they can provide their home address, and if there is clothing involved, what sizes they need. Never mind the hassle of an invalid address! If a recipient no longer lives at the location you have on file, the gift needs to be returned, taken back to the warehouse, re-labeled and shipped. A mistake that is timely and costly.

    That is why we offer Redeem Pages to make the process easier for you. This is a custom form that will capture all the logistical information you need from the people you are gifting and will remove the admin time from your workload. Redeem pages are included in our swag management platform which is completely free! If you are purchasing swag packs from us or availing of our warehousing service, information from Redeem pages will automatically sync to your dashboard.

    Easily secure address information

    Before you send anything, you can ask your employees/customers to confirm or edit their address information through our Redeem Pages. Redeems allow users to submit the address where they can receive the goods. Don’t worry about relying on old, potentially out-of-date data or invalid addresses. The user will submit their address and it will be validated upon submission.

    GDPR Compliant

    Are your customers concerned about the privacy of their address information? We take data security seriously and ensure that any information provided is only used for the specific purpose and is accessible only to those that are authorised to access it, putting you and your customer’s minds at ease.

    Dashboard Management

    To complete the process you will then be able to track redeem page submissions on your dashboard. You will see the cost of the products, and the shipping and duties/fee (if shipping globally) for delivery to that recipient. Once the order is processed, there will be a tracking number associated with each delivery so you can monitor it if desired. 

    If your boss approaches you to organise large-scale gift distribution don’t worry about the headache of implementation. Instead, think about how great you will look when all of the gifts get delivered on time and how it didn’t eat much into your day-to-day tasks. Jackpot! 

    If you wish to find out more about our Redeem Pages and our swag management platform, get in touch with one of our swag experts today!

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