13 Sustainable Swag Ideas Every Brand Should Know in 2023 

Brenda B.
August 15, 2023
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    The need for brands to incorporate sustainability into their promotion plans cannot be overlooked these days. This is because sharing the same positive values as your target audience will endear you to them quickly. There may be a plethora of swag ideas. However, in this article, we’ve taken the liberty to narrow them down to 13 great sustainable swag ideas your brand will find invaluable in 2023.  

    Benefits of Gifting Sustainable Swag 

    There’s a lot to gain for both brands and beneficiaries alike in terms of gifting sustainable swag. The following are the benefits: 

    It Fosters Long-Term Exposure  

    Comparatively speaking, swag products like pens and water bottles last longer than single-use promotional goods. This durability ensures that a brand's message will be shared continually, resulting in cost-effective marketing. 

    Enhances a Brand’s Corporate Social Responsibility

     Preserving the ecosystem has undoubtedly become a collective effort by all and sundry.  As a result, a brand's resolve to support eco-friendly items strengthens its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. 

    Positive Brand Perception 

    According to a poll by Cone Communication, 87% of consumers have high regard for businesses that care about environmental issues. This perception puts the companies in the good books of customers, thereby building and strengthening their brand reputation. 

    Regulatory Compliance 

    Some regions have regulated and restricted the use of certain materials. One of such items is single-use plastic. For instance, in 2019, a ban was placed on some single-use plastic items by the European Union. Therefore, opting for sustainable alternatives would be a great way for brands to demonstrate compliance with these evolving environmental regulations.  

    13 Best Sustainable Swag Ideas Your Brand Should Consider 

    Below are the top sustainable swag ideas that offer eco-friendly promotional products:  

    Reusable Bags  

    A report by the Earth Policy Institute (EPI) puts the number of plastic bags used annually in the world at one trillion, with the average usage time for a plastic bag being twelve minutes. Switching to the use of reusable bags can significantly limit the chances of plastic pollution in the environment. The products in this category include:  

    Sustainable Apparel 

    Unlike traditional textiles, sustainable apparel prioritises the use of materials whose impact on the environment isn’t great. For instance, T-shirts made of organic cotton are less likely to contain dangerous pesticides and chemicals. This helps to prevent soil and water pollution. Consider gifting the following eco-friendly apparel:  

    Biodegradable Tech Accessories 

    These accessories are mostly made of non-biodegradable items and then subsequently become electronic waste. This may be a major global concern, but we can prevent it by using phone cases made from compostable items that can decompose naturally with time. This will minimise waste and its negative environmental effects. Some eco-friendly products include:  

    • Phone cases 
    • Silicone Laptop sleeve 

    Plantable Swag 

    Opting for plantable gifts promotes biodiversity; it lets its recipients grow herbs or flowers. Gifting plantable items demonstrates thoughtfulness because they’re eco-friendly. Below are the eco-friendly products that fit into this category:  

    • Plantable coasters 

    Eco-Friendly Writing Instruments 

    According to a Statista report, it is projected that UK households waste 100 billion pieces of plastic packaging every year, with 66 items per household per week on average. On the other hand, gifting writing implements that are biodegradable or recycled can help prevent environmental pollution. Here are some eco-friendly products to gift:  

    • Cornstarch-based pens 
    • Pencils produced from recycled paper 

    Renewable Energy Chargers 

    These chargers are solar-powered, which will result in less reliance on non-renewable energy. These chargers rely on solar energy instead of fossil fuel electricity, which lessens greenhouse gas emissions and aids in the fight against climate change. Consider opting for these sustainable products:  

    Eco-Friendly Desk Accessories 

    Emphasising both functionality and style, eco-friendly desk accessories champion sustainable resource management. Desk accessories that are eco-friendly employ fewer non-renewable resources by using materials that are sustainable. For instance, bamboo desk organisers are strong and renewable because bamboo is a plant that grows quickly, needs little water, and doesn't need pesticides. Here are examples of sustainable items you can gift:  

    • Wooden rulers 
    • Bamboo desk organisers 
    • Recycled cardboard mouse pads 

    Eco-friendly Drinkware 

    According to the projection made by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, by 2050, more plastic will occupy the ocean in comparison to fish, if current trends continue. We’d do well to scupper any chances of this projection happening by using eco-friendly drinkware, which keeps our beverages hot or cold without the need for disposable cups. We recommend the following products:  

    Natural Beauty and Wellness 

    Natural substances used in health and beauty products are safe and non-toxic. This benefits both the environment and customers. Also, natural ingredients from plants are used in organic and chemical-free skincare products, which encourage healthy skin care routines. Below are sustainable products in this category:  

    • Eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes 
    • Recyclable cosmetics packs 
    • Organic and chemical-free skin care products 

    Green Home Essentials  

    In green home essentials, sustainable products and practises are given priority for essential household items. For instance, Beeswax food wraps are a reusable and biodegradable alternative to plastic wrap when it comes to food preservation. This is because they're made from organic cotton and beeswax. The eco-friendly materials in this category include:  

    • Sustainable cleaning products 
    • Compostable kitchen sponge 

    Upcycled Swag 

    Utilising creativity, upcycled swag turns waste materials into useful and fashionable goods. Upcycled gift items breathe fresh life into things that might otherwise go to waste. For instance, one can produce unique and eco-friendly accessories with upcycled keychains created from recycled bike chains or metal scraps. The following sustainable gift items fall under this category, and we urge you to switch to them.  

    • Upcycled keychains 
    • wallets made from reclaimed materials 
    • Repurposed fabric wristbands. 

    Biodegradable Outdoor Items 

    Outdoor products made of biodegradable materials aid in reducing the issue of plastic pollution, especially in natural settings. Eco-friendly beach balls, for instance, are composed of biodegradable materials and guarantee that no dangerous plastic waste is left on the beach. The eco-friendly products in this category include:  

    • Frisbees made of cornstarch 
    • Eco-friendly beach balls 
    • Recycled picnic blankets 

    Eco-friendly Travel Gear 

    Sustainable travel gear promotes responsible travel and assists travellers in reducing their environmental impact. For instance, recycled PET baggage tags help to reduce waste and conserve resources. This is because they are created from post-consumer plastic bottles. The products we recommend you use are:  

    • Recycled PET luggage tags 

    Bottom Line 

    In recent times, many brands have had to embrace the concept of sustainability in their operations. Calculating one's carbon footprint and recycling stand out among these practices. Apart from the obvious attribute of sustainable swag, which is eco-friendliness, it also mirrors a brand’s image while promoting their commitment to sustainability. Therefore, picking the appropriate swag demonstrates your concern for the environment and future generations. 

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