Swag trends for 2024

Ger C.
January 13, 2022
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    Swag trends for 2024

    As we enter a new year, what are your business goals? Are you strategising how to improve your employee and customer experience?

    Business success comes down to building stronger relationships and intentional swag can do just that. Keeping track of what’s hot and what’s not, can help you give out more meaningful merchandise this year.

    You want to cut through the noise. It’s about breaking through to your audience by creating a truly memorable personalised brand experience. No longer an ‘if to give’ question but a ‘what to give’. So what swag is trending for 2024? Read on!

    Branded Drinkware

    Encourage your customers, employees and partners to stay hydrated while reppin" your brand.


    Are your employees returning to the office? We've got the perfect sustainable side-kick to welcome your team back: a personalised Dopper bottle. The reusable water bottle that is putting single-use water bottles out of business. Come hail, sun or snow, this insulated bottle will keep your water hot for 9 hours or cold for 24. Join the refill revolution and gift your employees a branded Dopper water bottle.

    Yeti rambler 10oz Mug

    The Rambler® 10 oz. Lowball is the ideal drinking companion. Yeti make some of the best drinkware products on the market. The Lowball’s double-wall vacuum insulation will keep your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold longer than standard drinkware.

    The Ocean Bottle

    Help turn the tide on plastic pollution and quench your thirst with the Ocean Bottle. For every Ocean Bottle, you fund the collection of 1,000 ocean-bound plastic bottles in weight. If you're gifting event attendees, impressing clients, or simply want your employees to be part of a long-term solution to end the flow of plastic into our ocean, Ocean Bottle is the perfect partner.

    Branded Apparel

    Branded apparel will always be a trend. No matter the year, promotional apparel consistently ranks among the top promotional products. However, styles are always changing. Comfort is key in 2024. Whether people are working in-person or still working remotely, office wear that prioritizes casual styles is in high demand.

    Custom North Face

    The North Face, one of the most beloved and popular outdoor brands, creates warm, insulating jackets, vests, and sweaters that everyone loves to wear and show off. With your company logo embroidered along the front, corporate The North Face apparel can promote your business or team while highlighting your team's eye for excellence.

    Custom Patagonia

    Combine the best Patagonia apparel with other custom logo branded pieces for the perfect corporate gift to make every member of your team feel appreciated. Cozy Patagonia fleece jackets and hats are ideal for keeping employees and clients warm on chilly winter days while delivering a look and style they'll love to showcase.

    Custom Helly Hansen outerwear

    At Swaghut, we get stoked about sustainable outdoor clothing brands. With a modern design and innovative styles, branded Helly Hansen is trendy promotional apparel that employees will be proud to wear.


    Employee wellness is an essential component of a productive, healthy team. Bring better life and performance to your entire organisation with our trendy corporate wellbeing swag and gifts. Whether you're looking for a wellness pack to boost productivity, we have the gifting options for you. For more on-trend wellness swag, check out our catalogue.

    Activity tracker

    Helping employees get active is a great way to boost morale. Perhaps you've organised a virtual race as part of a wellness initiative, or are encouraging your team to get out walking with brighter evenings ahead, it is the perfect opportunity to send them something to help them along.  

    The Head Plan Productivity & Wellness Journal

    This journal is for everyone! Whether your employees want to level-up, improve their finances or learn a new skill this year, The Head Plan Productivity and Wellness journal is a tool that will get them there. It's time to write it down, and make it happen.  

    Yoga Mat & Block

    Having long proven to provide many mental and physical benefits, yoga is increasingly finding it's way into corporate wellness programs. So, a yoga mat and block is the perfect gift to create healthy, less stressed and motivated employees. Encouraging employees to take just 10 minutes during work hours to practice some simple yoga stretches or breathing exercises at their desk can help tremendously.

    Sustainable living swag

    If you're looking for sustainable gifts, we have an assortment of products that your employees will not only use and love everyday but are also great for anyone looking to start their sustainability journey. See our top 3 trending eco-friendly swag below.

    Reusable Straw Set

    It’s estimated that nearly 390 million plastic straws are used in just a single day in the United States alone. Since single-use straws are made from a plastic that is not recyclable, they end up sitting in landfull. Reusable straws beat out single-use plastic straws hands down as the more eco-friendly option.

    Cotton tote bag

    Nobody likes to think of the amount of plastic that is being added to our landfills and oceans. When choosing a shopping bag, be sure to choose one that you will be able to use for just about anything, and cotton tote bags are suitable for more than just groceries. The more you use them, the better for the environment they will be.

    Bamboo notebook with pen

    Whether you’re at a conference, at work, or just want to jot down a few ideas, it’s always useful to have a notepad by your side. Our beautiful bamboo notebook is made out of sustainable bamboo with 90 sheets/180 pages of 70 gsm recycled paper.

    Those are some of the top trending corporate swag and gifts for 2024 that are sure to leave a memorable impression on your most important audiences. No matter what swag you're looking to create, if you want help designing your team’s next edition of company merchandise, reach out to our team and one of our Swag Experts will be happy to help.

    Contact: team@swaghut.com

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