33 Employee Wellness Program Ideas that Work 

Elizabeth G.
August 11, 2023
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    The greatest assets of your company are its employees. Together, employers and employees pave the way for the seamless integration of health and vitality into the corporate culture. Since employee wellness programs are becoming increasingly important, businesses are using them to attract top talent. These programs also foster a culture of efficiency and happiness. In this article, we'll look at 33 creative and effective employee wellness program ideas that will provide your team members with unwavering determination. 

    Workplace Ergonomics

    ergonomic workplace

    Employers must promote ergonomics. Neglecting such concerns may cause Musculoskeletal diseases. These workouts build and tone major muscle areas. CIEHF's insightful study found that 87% of employees benefited from workplace ergonomics programs. 

    Health And Wellness Vision Board 


    Create a great health and wellness vision board to motivate employees and keep them on track. Choose a topic for your team to study, assemble the required material, and add visual appeal using magazine or newspaper clippings. 

    Walk-and-Talk Meetings 

    people talking

    Walking and talking meetings are wonderful for worker bonding. It's the best way to move workers out of their comfort zones. Communicating beforehand helps people meet your requirements. Therefore, people may plan and carry supplies. 

    Fun Gaming Activities 

    a fun game

    Make the office an enjoyable place to be by encouraging employees to take part in games and other activities. Allow them to re-energize and release their inner competitors. 

    Standing Desks 

    standing desk

    Standing desks reduce the negative effects of prolonged sitting. Standing workstations may help to reduce back pain at the office. A trendy standing desk is available on Amazon. Select one that puts the employee at ease. 

    Massage Therapy Coupons 


    Massage gift cards show employees you care about their wellness. Giving them a massage break helps them relax. This is great for staff health and sanity. 

    Attire Themed Days of the Week 

    a couple of girls laughing

    Set aside one day every week when everyone dresses according to a predetermined theme. Employee morale and participation may be greatly improved through the use of themed workdays. 

    Offer Virtual Fitness Classes 

    a man working out with VR

    With virtual activities, you can exercise at your own pace. Now fitness lovers may work out whenever they want. Virtual fitness sessions are now offered to remote workers. Zoom or Google Meet are fantastic for these gatherings. 

    Office Lunch During Project Deadlines 

    Healthy lunch

    Catered lunches should be given to overtime workers. Salads, wraps, Mediterranean, and taco-salad bars are healthy options. Send your workers morning coffee, a virtual lunch, happy hour drinks, wellness gifts, or anything else you may think of to help them get through a tough day. 

    Flexible Working Hours  

    a man stretching out

    Remember that your employees have lives outside of work, so being flexible with their schedules is the least you can do. Always respect their work time, whether at home or the office.  

    Sponsor a Company Retreat 

    Employee health and well-being are best promoted through retreats. Workplace vacations are effective and fun. Business in the morning, cocktails, and dinner in the evening. 

    Host Mindful Mondays  

    a woman listening something

    Stress lowers workers' energy and mood, causing health problems. The American Institute of Stress reports that 80% of workers experience workplace stress. Basic mindfulness programs may help workers manage stress.   

    Hold a Health Fair 

    Bring in some local vendors and businesses for a day of seminars on office wellness and healthy eating. Local companies should be easy to convince to participate, as this is a fantastic marketing opportunity for them. 

    Plants in the Office 

    plant in the office

    Plants in the workplace provide several benefits. A tiny green initiative investment may boost worker morale.  

    Walking Challenges 

    a woman walking in the rain

    As they say “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Initiate office walking challenges to encourage employees to take a break from their desks and improve their health. 

    Encouraging Healthy Eating 

    a healthy bowl

    Promote workplace nutrition. Nutritious eating challenges can reward those who swap chips for apples or other nutritious fast food. 

    Participate in Marathon 

    a marathon

    Marathons are good ideas. After a marathon, give your employees medals. This gives employees a break and promotes well-being. 

    Make Your Office Pet-Friendly 

    a man showing his notebook screen to his dog

    Pets at work reduce stress and make people nicer. Bringing a pet to work can help employees achieve work-life balance. 

    Practice Gratitude 

    Thank you sign

    Ask employees to list three things they are thankful for each day in a shared Google document for 21 days. This workout will improve their mood. 

    End the Week with a Fun Friday 

    people having fun

    Ending the week with pleasure sets the tone for the weekend. Employees return to work refreshed on Monday. 

    Water Drinking Challenge 

    a man drinking water

    Drinking water is one of the best online wellness challenge ideas. Homeworkers are seldom far from the kitchen. The Mayo Clinic recommends adults drink eight glasses of water daily. Start a water drinking challenge for virtual workers. 

    Wellness Furniture and Supplies 

    a woman stretching

    Computer work can cause bodily aches and pains. You may simply give or propose workplace or home furniture and equipment to preserve your employees' bones, muscles, and eyes. 

    Pay for Employees’ Gym Membership 

    a man running in a treadmill

    Do not allow pricing to deter your staff from going to the gym. Pay for your staff's gym memberships as an incentive to promote health and teamwork.   

    Lifestyle Coaching 

    People doing yoga

    This coaching improves employee wellness. Lifestyle coaches aid employees who struggle with economics, relationships, and hobbies. Lifestyle changes boost job effectiveness and productivity.   

    Accommodate Remote Work Days 

    a guy working

    Give your employees the freedom to do independent work from distant locations as it suits them. Giving them a fresh workstation can greatly increase their output. 

    Mentor New Hires 

    28% of recruits resign within 90 days. New talent suffers without mentorship. To help recruits, coach them. 

    Pay For Employee Health Screenings 

    BPM in Apple Watch

    This may be the finest of all workplace employee wellness program ideas. Cover breast cancer screenings and physicals. Don't let costs hinder health care. 

    Host a Hypnotherapist 

    a woman practicing hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapist workshops help workers focus, relax, and work more successfully. Scientific studies reveal that this practice benefits irritable bowel syndrome, nerves, discomfort, and deep sleep.  

    Sprinkle Stress-Relievers in Your Office 

    a woman practicing boxing

    Workdays may be tedious. To help your employees cope with stress, provide punching bags and stress balls.   

    Organize a Company’s Sports Teams 

    people playing bowling

    Encourage your employees to do sports like kickball, softball, or bowling if they don't already. Set up a sports team and get them playing. 

    Foster Equality in Your Workplace 

    a woman wearing a t-shirt written love

    Nobody wants to work in a workplace where their ethnicity, religion, or sexual preferences are rejected. Promote office acceptance and equality through active discourse.   

    Host Mile-A-Day Challenge 

    a view of a beach

    Employees' daily mile runs are tracked in this 30-day challenge. Award a unique award to the challenge winner. 

    Organize a Book Club 

    book club

    By reading engaging books together, workers may discuss a wide range of issues and perspectives. Choose a book each quarter and encourage them to join discussion groups to discuss it. Your company and its employees can greatly benefit from the many employee wellness program ideas provided in this article. Incorporating these wellness strategies into your business can help you retain top employees, recruit fresh talent, and propel your firm to the highest possible level. 

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