Best Swag Ideas for Golf Tournament and Outing

Laura M.
September 4, 2023
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    The pleasure that comes with hosting a great golf tournament or outing hinges on the fusion of rivalry, friendship, and souvenirs. Now this catapults the golfing experience to a whole new level. However, one of the keys to achieving this is selecting the best swag for golf tournament. Apart from commemorating the event, these coveted handouts also leave participants with a lasting impression.

    In this article, we'll delve into a variety of swag ideas. We've put up a list of great recommendations, from branded t-shirts to practical items. Let's explore the premium swag choices that will unquestionably improve your tournament.

    1. Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

    This cup is just the right size and fits well in most coffee machines. It's designed with double walls and stainless steel that keep your drinks hot for up to 5 hours and cold for up to 15 hours. 

    2. Towel

    This towel brings a feeling of relaxation and coziness. It has neat lines and can be used in many ways, like a wrap, a fancy blanket, a special cloth, or just a regular towel

    3. Bamboo Insulated Flask

    This is a special bottle that keeps your drinks hot or cold. It's made from strong stainless steel and bamboo. There's a thermometer on the top that lights up when you touch it. This helps you know if your drink is too hot. It also has a tool to put tea leaves in, so you can make tea in the bottle. 

    4. Customised Cap

    In 2020, Allied Market Research found the golf apparel market to be worth about $834.1 million. They think that by the year 2030, this amount could go up to about $1,554.3 million.

    This points to the relevance and potential reach of custom golf accessories like the visor. 

    Stay shaded from the sun with our top-selling branded hat. We can skillfully stitch your brand's logo in one spot.

    5. Sunglasses 

    Keep your eyes safe and your face stylish with these classic sunglasses. These sunglasses don't just look good, they also keep your eyes protected from the sun's harmful rays with UV400 protection.

    6. Fashionable Hat

    The bucket hat keeps your head safe from the sun and feels nice to wear. The hat is made from recycled material that hasn't been dyed or bleached with chemicals, so it's more natural.

    7. Notebook 

    This is a special notebook made from recycled materials, like cardboard. It has a soft cover and is bound like a book. Inside, there are 140 pages with lines for writing.

    According to Golf Digest, around 24.8 million people played golf in the U.S. in 2020.

    This shows that many people really like golf, and they might be interested in tools that help them keep track of their games.

    8. Polo Shirt 

    This shirt for men has a special kind of fabric that's comfortable to wear. It has a collar with a textured pattern, and the part around the neck is reinforced. 

    9. Eco-Vac Mug

    This mug is made from recycled materials. It has a lid that helps prevent spills, and it can keep your drinks warm for about 3 hours or cold for about 6 hours because of how it's designed.

    The worldwide market for drinkware and beverage containers was estimated to be worth $200 billion.

    This demonstrates the high demand for specialized drinkware like the Eco-Vac Mug.

    10. Wireless Earbuds 

    These rechargeable earbuds sound good with strong bass. There's a charging cable that comes with it, and it's made from recycled materials. The earphones have a 40mah battery that lets you listen for up to 5 hours. 

    11. Cooler Backpack

    This backpack is special because it keeps things cold or hot really well. The inside is made in a way that if something leaks, it won't make a mess, and it's easy to clean. You can fit 18 cans in this backpack, so it's great for carrying drinks and food around.

    12. Umbrella  

    This umbrella is really special. It can open and close by itself, and it has three parts. The stick is black and made of metal, and the parts that hold the umbrella up are made of strong fiberglass.

    13. Canvas Bag 

    If you want a nice and eco-friendly bag for your everyday tasks, consider this organic canvas bag with bamboo handles. It's made from a strong organic canvas material that lasts a long time, lets air in, and feels gentle to touch.

    14. Scarf 

    This scarf can fit everyone and is really useful in many ways. You can wear it in different styles. For instance, when you go outside, you can wear it to cover your face and stop your hand from touching your mouth and nose. It also helps stop drops of spit from spreading when you talk, sneeze, or cough.

    15. Hoodie

    This hoodie is from our classic collection. It fits nicely and makes you look good. You can wear it for different things because it's flexible. It's simple and comfy with basic features, making it great for wearing anytime you want.

    16. Bluetooth Speaker 

    Listen to music and watch movies wherever you want. Connect your phone, tablet, or Android device using Bluetooth to this small speaker (works within 10 meters). It also has a microphone for phone and video calls.

    17. Padded Jacket 

    This padded jacket is lightweight and has a special design. It has some extra padding inside to make it comfy. The jacket has lines on it and also has a different color inside and zippers. This jacket can keep you dry in the wind and light rain. 

    18. Powerbank 

    This is a metal power bank with an 8000 mAh capacity. It's like a charger for your phone. It has two charging ports. One charges at regular speed, and the other is faster. It also has a light to show if it's working and a cable to connect it to your phone.

    19. Key Finder

    Easily find your lost things using this small wireless BT 4.0 key finder. It helps you locate your phone, wallet, or keys quickly. The app it comes with is free and simple to use. It shows you exactly where your lost item is.

    20. Wireless Headphones 

    These headphones are really comfy, and they use BT 5.1 to connect really well. You can listen to music for a long time without it stopping. The headphones are big and cover your ears, which makes the sound really good. 

    21. Wireless Car Charger 

    This charger works with newer Android phones and newer iPhone models. It's wireless and comes with a 100 cm charging cable that fits the newer devices with a Type C port.

    22. Gloves

    These gloves are made for using your smartphone in cold weather. They're made from recycled materials and have a spot where you can put a label with a design. The tips of the fingers have extra padding, so you can still use your phone's screen even while wearing the gloves

    According to verified market research, the golf accessories market was valued at USD 6.59 Billion in 2020.

    This shows how important personalised gear is for players. A golf glove with the player's name or initials on it gives their equipment a personalised touch. 

    23. Portable BBQ

    This is a small and handy stainless steel grill that you can carry around. It's good for outdoor activities like camping. You can easily fold it out and use it to cook.


    A great golf outing or event goes far beyond the last putt. Rather, it's about producing an experience that the participants and attendees will remember. Choosing the appropriate swag crafts a narrative that captures the spirit of the occasion. The swag you select reveals a lot about your dedication to excellence. Therefore, keep in mind that these kind gestures are more than simply presents when you organise your next event.

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