30 Best Corporate Gifts For Executives

Tara C.
October 2, 2023
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    Everyone loves a thoughtful gift, even in the most professional of settings. Corporate gifts for executives are a great way to appreciate your company's top and mid-level management members. Taking into account the position each holds is helpful when making a selection.  

    Some executive positions include: 

    • Chief Executive Officer 
    • Chief Operating Officer 
    • President/Vice President  
    • Director of Operations 
    • General Manager 

    This article explores 30 of the best corporate gift ideas and how you can make a great choice. 

    Gifts For Outdoorsy Executives 

    1. Portable Water Purifier 

    A portable water purifier is perfect for executives who love the outdoors. Whether they're hiking a trail, kayaking, or going climbing, you can't go wrong with this gift choice. 

    2. Protective Phone Case 

    A protective phone case can be necessary for executives who love to stay active by engaging in fun outdoor activities. There are excellent choices, whether it's an iPhone or another phone brand. 

    3. Powerstation AC 

    This perfect engineering design is a great companion for outdoorsy executives. The Powerstation AC functions as a power bank with extension cords that can jumpstart a 12V car battery in moments. 

    4. Tabletop Patio Heater

    Try picking out this tabletop patio heater as a gift to impress your outdoorsy executive. It is lightweight, compact, and powerful enough to heat an area of around 30 square feet. 

    5. Camping Espresso Kit 

    This corporate gift kit features a pressurised coffee maker, a water bottle, four stainless steel cups, and an espresso. Coffee has lots of workplace benefits - some of which you may never have heard of. Who wouldn't want to wake up in the mountains and be able to pour themselves an espresso with this camping kit?  

    Gifts for Environmentally-Conscious Executives 

    1. Modern Sprout Terracotta Grow Kit 

    The terracotta grow kit is a great gift for executives who love nature and want to be one with it. This kit features a hydroponic system with ready-to-sprout seeds and a beautiful vase design. 

    2. Organic Cotton Blanket 

    This blanket is perfect because it provides warmth and will make you seem thoughtful. This natural-looking blanket is made from 100% organic cotton for environmentally conscious executives. 

    3. Customised Yoga Mat 

    Executives who appreciate being in constant equilibrium with their environment will undoubtedly love the idea of a yoga mat. Customise it to make it more classy. 

    4. Bio Poly Mailer 

    This bio mailing bag is lightweight, made from natural materials and fully biodegradable. This is a unique gift choice for environmentally-conscious executives. 

    5. Compost Bin 

    This bin offers a clean composting solution. An executive passionate about keeping the environment clean will love this exceptional gift idea. 

    Gifts for Techy Executives 

    1. Smart WiFi Video Doorbell 

    This gift choice is a considerate gesture. The Smart WiFi Video Doorbell features a camera that can function in low-light conditions, a microphone, and an in-built speaker that allows a homeowner to speak to visitors. 

    2. Bamboo Wireless Charging Station 

    This all-in-one charging station not only looks classy with its wooden finish, but it also has impressive features. It includes a fast wireless charging mat, a smartwatch charging holder, wireless earphone charging space, and a phone/tablet stand. 

    3. Activity Tracker 

    You can't go wrong with this techy gift selection. This lightweight activity tracker is waterproof and can be worn day and night. Techy executives who love keeping track of their body stats and sleep patterns will love this. 

    4. Temperature-Controlled Smart Mug 

    This well-designed mug allows executives to keep their coffee at their desired temperature without leaving their seats. It features a temperature control design that can be operated from a smartphone. 

    5. Custom Virtual Meeting Gift Set 

    This virtual meeting set is a perfect VIP gift for executives who occasionally have virtual meetings, webinars, or workshops. It features a 1080p HD webcam, a lighting kit, and an intelligent LCD. 

    Gifts for Playful Executives 

    1. Blue Blocker Glasses 

    These stylish and hippy glasses can be a nice gift for playful executives. A Blue blocker glass filters the amount of blue light from computer screens, tablets and mobile phones. 

    2. Electric Scooter 

    Playful executives will love to ride on their electric scooters in the office while waving and chit-chatting with everyone in their way. This gift is perfect for those who don't mind showing off their younger spirits. 

    3. Custom Branded Jenga Set 

    This brick game is an excellent way to kill time in the office. It's perfect for playful executives who will be okay with displaying it on their desks. 

    4. Chocolate Brownie Gift Set 

    A playful executive will find this funny and thoughtful as well. I mean, who doesn't love chocolate? 

    5. Robe and Slipper Set 

    The robe and slipper set is a playful but classy gift that will surely earn you some good laughs. It is perfect, and executives can wear them during official retreats. 

    Gifts for Spiritual Executives 

    1. Gift Basket 

    If you cannot figure out what religion your executive might be into, go for this classic gift basket. You can't go wrong with it. 

    2. Potted Plants 

    Flowers and plants can have a spiritual undertone. They can signify serenity and peace of mind. 

    3. Religious Writing Journal 

    A spiritual executive will appreciate this thoughtful little present. Journals can be good for taking notes while observing religious rituals. 

    4. Tibetan Singing Bowl 

    The sounds produced by this instrument are soothing. Gift your spiritual executive this, and it will be significantly appreciated. 

    5. Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit 

    A spiritual executive can use this to cultivate their garden from scratch. 

    Gifts for Sophisticated Executives 

    1. Decanter Globe & Glassware Set 

    This aesthetic decanter can wow any visitor hosted by a sophisticated executive. 

    2. Retro Viking Mug 

    This Viking art piece will surely leave a lasting impression. It is a classy gift choice for your sophisticated executive. 

    3. Stationery Kit 

    This stationery kit features a combination of fancy pens, a notebook, and colourful accessories that can be personalised tastefully. It's a perfect gift for executives. 

    4. Italian Gift Set 

    This Italian gift set comes packed with gourmet ingredients from Italian artisan makers. Choosing this unique gift for an executive will definitely leave a lasting impression. 

    5. Personalised Spa Kit 

    Let your sophisticated executive know you can see them enjoying a day at the spa by giving this to them. 


    When choosing corporate gifts for executives, It's essential to consider their specific tastes, personal preferences, and the occasion. It's also a great rule-of-thumb to carefully curate your gifts to match their particular interests and hobbies.  Putting some effort into getting a thoughtful present is critical when it comes to selecting appropriately. You don't want to look like you didn't take the selection seriously. Do a little research, make an excellent pick, and you may just get a raise or bonus. 

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