Teamwork: Streamlined Global New Hire Swag Packs

Looking to manage their remote team’s swag packs, Teamwork turned to Swag Hut for a solution. With a challenge of managing stock and securely storing on-site items of various sizes, the process was proving to be too time-consuming and difficult for Teamwork's HR and employee wellness team.

Teamwork dramatically reduced the noise around managing stock and shipping packs with the help of Swag Hut.
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Teamwork needed a partner that could remove these pain points and make sending packs easier for their remote teams.

Teamwork, a leading SaaS company, faced several challenges when it came to managing swag/new hire packs internally. The company had been managing this process in-house, but found it to be time-consuming and difficult. They were struggling to keep track of stock and securely store it on site. Moreover, since the majority of their employees were working remotely, getting the packs shipped out was a challenging and often delayed process. One of the biggest issues was managing packs containing clothing of various sizes, which made it difficult to keep track of what to send out to each employee. As a result, the process of managing swag and new hire packs was causing a strain on Teamwork's HR and employee wellness teams.
To address these challenges, Teamwork needed a partner that could remove these pain points and make sending packs easier for their remote teams. They were looking for a reliable solution that could help manage stock and different sizes of clothing in packs, allow for quick and easy sending, track shipments, and inventory. In addition, they wanted to be able to order more items to build more packs with surplus stock components.
Teamwork realized that they needed to find a partner that could help them streamline their swag and new hire pack management process. They needed a solution that could help them save time, reduce costs, and make the process more efficient.

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To solve the challenges faced by Teamwork, our team proposed a solution that would take away all the headaches associated with managing their own stock, allowing them to easily initiate shipments remotely and have it delivered to employees globally. We offered our warehouse facility tied into our technology platform, which provided visibility of stock levels and seamless shipping and fulfilment.

Our first step was to take all of their loose item stock and store it in our warehouse. We then itemised all goods and proposed the kitting requirements, including what to order to make up for components that were short. With our platform, they could initiate shipments remotely, and we would fulfil them, taking care of inventory management, packing, and shipping.

One of the biggest advantages of our solution was that it provided live stock levels, which gave greater visibility of what was in stock at any time. This data allowed the account manager to pre-emptively place replenishment orders
based on what was shipping more often, which helped avoid stock shortages and delays.

We provided support ongoing as required, with the dedicated account manager working with the client on an ongoing basis to replenish stock and assist with new project ideas.

The result of our solution was faster shipping, accurate stock levels, and easy shipment of remote workers' packs, which allowed the Teamwork team to focus on other important HR and employee wellness initiatives.

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Based on our solution, the client was able to successfully streamline their new hire swag pack distribution process. The implementation of our platform and warehouse facility allowed for easy management of stock levels, accurate tracking of shipments, and quick and easy fulfilment of orders.
With the help of our dedicated account manager, the client was able to quickly onboard and train their HR team on how to use the new portal. The HR team found the system to be user-friendly and efficient, enabling them to easily manage
stock levels and track shipments. The client was pleased with the overall ease and speed of the process, allowing them to quickly and effectively send out new hire swag packs to employees around the world.

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We were delighted to help Teamwork streamline the sending of their new hire packs, it’s when we hear phrases like: “It’s so easy to send, the platform is so user friendly” that we know we’ve delivered. -Ger
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