Onboarding employees the best way possible

When it comes to choosing the right swag for an onboarding pack, take a leaf our of Outlier Venture’s book.

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Outlier Ventures were looking for a gifting solution for new employees. They wanted to ensure the items gifted were useful on a day to day basis and would not lead to waste.

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Welcoming new employees with swag can be a thoughtful and engaging way to make them feel valued and excited about joining the company. Outlier Ventures chose swag items that were useful and practical on a day to day basis for new employees. By choosing a water bottle, notebook, pen, and mug, the new employees are equipped for their first day. By choosing a tote bag and key finder to also feature in the pack, it allows employees to wear the brand with pride outside of the office and for brand recognition to grow.

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All items were dispatched and delivered on time to the Outlier Ventures crew. By providing a welcome note in the gift pack it added a peronsal touch and set a positive tone for their onboarding experience.

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Promotional Products
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