Aptiv: Alleviating the Challenges of Delivering Welcome Packs

Aptiv collaborated with Swag Hut to develop tailor-made packages for their newly hired employees and management team. By utilizing our cutting-edge technology platform and warehouse facilities, we successfully optimized inventory tracking and streamlined the shipping process, resulting in a hassle-free experience for all parties involved.

Easing the pain of shipping Employee & Executive packs to a large global workforce.
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Aptiv recognized the need for a solution that would enhance the employee onboarding process and alleviate the challenges associated with delivering welcome packs to new hires and executives.

Aptiv stands tall as a trailblazing global technology leader, boasting a massive workforce of over 200,000 skilled professionals spread across 131 cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and 11 major technical centers spanning the world. The company has established its foothold in 48 countries. Shipping these employees packs posed a significant challenge as the in-house approach resulted in delays caused by the need for staffs member to access the items, and stock management issues added to the complexity along with shipping and duty costs calculations.

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Aptiv were excited to partner with Swag Hut to create personalised packages for their new hires and management team. With the help of our warehouse facilities and advanced technology platform, we were able to streamline inventory tracking and simplify the shipping process with just a few clicks. The platform also allowed Aptiv to accurately calculate duty fees prior to shipping, providing significant efficiency and reduced uncertainty.

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After the packs were carefully kitted Aptiv were able to initiate shipments form their portal, the ease of selecting their the New Hire or Executive packs nd shipping anywhere reduced a lot of logistical burdon for such a large workforce.

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The final packs were very impressive and well received by the team.
Patrick M.