Swag to echo a company’s mission and vision.

Jua are believers in a better way to model the world around them. They are engineers, weather experts, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

This swag was a warm welcome for employees on a company retreat.
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Jua reached out to Swag Hut because they were looking to partner with a supplier to provide high quality swag. They required 50% of their order to be shipped to Switzerland, where a company retreat was happening for existing employees. Jua then needed an online portal to manage the remaining 50% of the packs to ship to new employees. Their business is modelled around high accuracy and precision; therefore, it was important their swag was executed in a similar manner.

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From the box design to each of the individual swag items in the pack, this emanated Jua’s mission as a company. They want to better model the world around them; and this also aligns with Swag Hut’s vision of rewarding employees and appreciating their work.

For the employees that received the gift at their retreat in Switzerland, this added a personal touch to the experience and left a lasting impression. Each item gifted was intentionally chosen to be useful on a day to day basis to avoid waste. An umbrella was cleverly picked for the pack to tie in with the weather aspect of the business.

Swag Hut set Jua up with their own online portal to send packs to new employees in future. The implementation of our platform and warehouse facility allowed for easy management of stock levels, accurate tracking of shipments, and quick and easy fulfilment of orders.

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Jua was sure to gift items that were stylish, practical and echo their business. Onboarding swag can shape new employees' perception of their employer. When they receive thoughtful, high-quality items, it sends a message that the company invests in their experience and values their presence. This positive perception can contribute to higher job satisfaction and a favourable view of the company as an employer.

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